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At Rover care we are experts in removing dents from vehicles without affecting the original factory finish. Specially designed tools to reform body metal back to its original condition by our skilled technicians and our dent removal process is faster, less expensive and superior in quality to traditional body shop methods. We often use the paint less dent repair process to remove dents.

Paint less dent repair is the process of removing dents from vehicles after which repainting the dented portion is not necessary. Our technicians utilize innovative tools to massage the metal back into place from underside of the dents. This eliminates the need for paint and body filler and the vehicle maintains its factory finish. The repair covers small and large dents where the paint is unblemished, and it works well for cars that have been manufactured within the last 20 years due to their high-strength metals and resilient paints. Also, the process can be used on cars with dents that are not near the edge of a panel, and on panels that have had no previous repair work completed. 

Denting Section - Equipments    
  • Black Hawk Bench
  • Chassis Measurement & Alignment 
  • Computer Measuring System 
  • Spot Welding Machine
  • Mini Spot Welding Machine 
  • Power Puller
  • SAS Cutter
  • Pulling Post
  • MIG Welding
  • Body Puller 
  • Miracle System 
  • Windshield Removal Kit
  • Customized Tool Box


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