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Home Steering & Suspension

The suspension system of your car maximises the friction between the tyres and the road surface, to provide steering stability with good handling and to ensure the comfort of the passengers. If anything goes wrong, you’re in for a bumpy ride as well as loss of control and tyre wear. A bad suspension can cause a bumpy ride Get in touch with us and Just count on our skilled mechanics to help make your ride safe and smooth.
We fix problems with:

  • Wiring Harness
  •  Fuse link Assembly
  •  Horns
  • Wheel Bolts torque adjustment. etc. 

We thoroughly inspect the vehicle for all shocks, struts, and springs for signs of wear or damage. We replace worn, damaged, or missing steering or suspension parts that are not performing as intended. Other suspension repairs are also done as needed to get you back on the road safely.